Trials & Triumphs of Internship!


So, here I am, all 28 core units successfully completed and only weeks away from internship, pinching myself that I actually made it! When I first began this journey just over 4 years ago, internship seemed unreachable at times….as each unit rolled into the next, without a break…and my life and years were measured in brightly colour-coded 13-week blocks. As I reflect upon this journey I have certainly come a long way from my very first unit (EDP140), where I felt, at 43 years of age, out of my academic depth in referencing requirements, thesis statements, and word limits. However, whilst struggling to juggle full-time work, family commitments and 21st-century study needs, I somehow managed to pass the overall unit and came out with a whole new perspective on learning. If I was to survive this epic journey, I needed a new mindset. I needed to study smarter, not harder, and turn roadblocks into challenges and mistakes into deeper learning. With this in mind, I set new goals, devised a new study plan, became a referencing guru, and read everything I could about the pros and pitfalls of academic writing. I took on feedback from every tutor, reflecting on and implementing change, and challenged myself to make professional progress….and here I am, 4 years and 28 units later, with 17 overall unit High Distinctions, 8 overall unit Distinctions, 2 overall unit Credits, and that one life-changing overall unit Pass.

For me, I see my upcoming internship as an adventure – mentored by a seasoned professional, guiding me to find and implement my strengths and teaching pedagogy, whilst building upon existing classroom routines and behaviour management. I am so very fortunate to be teaching in a school whose core value of committing to excellence and the development of principled, compassionate lifelong learners resonates with my own teaching values of creating an environment where all children flourish. However, it’s hard to describe the rollercoaster of feelings I have so close to internship. Maybe it is best described as…excited for the opportunity to learn and progress forward in my profession….scared of the unknown….and thrilled at the thought of future opportunities. Whilst I try to gain control of my feelings and emotions, it is very clear that I must approach not just my internship, but my teaching profession, with a growth mindset and model this behaviour with my students! As the saying goes…”Monkey see, monkey do!”

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