Week 8 Reflection ~ Lifelong Learning



Abraham Lincoln once said, “I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” This opens the assumption that learning is a daily adventure that one carries and explores throughout life.  If I, as a teacher, are to meet the challenges of the future, then a higher awareness of embedding lifelong learning within our education systems and classrooms are needed.

Students, society and business are embracing advances in the technology landscape, with this comes additional demands on our education system to keep pace. For me, as a future teacher educating our students, I must not only teach them how to use such technology, but to embrace change, and view learning as an opportunity for discovery. The incorporation of new technologies such as gaming, animation, iMovie and blogging into lesson plans will not only challenge students, but it will also motivate students to continue learning.

Technology itself cannot create life long learners, however, creatively incorporating such technologies into lesson plans, providing stimulating subject matter and involving students in the application of technology, raises awareness of the role learning plays in life. This in turn, will produce students who adopt a continual approach to learning throughout their lifetime.

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