When you’re so tired…that even your tired is tired!

So, SP3 was an incredibly massive workload! Not only was I working during the day in a very busy Grade 1/2 classroom, whilst completing 2 theory units at night, I also squeezed in a 2-week overseas holiday to Japan & Hong Kong….without missing a beat! Whilst I am mentally exhausted, I am pretty happy with my overall results and what I was able to achieve over this 12-week study period. In 12-weeks I wrote 8 major journals on “Human Health & Development”, smashed out 2 tests, and completed 3 massive 4th-year assignments….each one scoring me a High Distinction for my efforts. That means in 12-weeks I completed 13 academic tasks…and scored 13 High Distinctions…!!

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 10.23.00 pm

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