Them Feels…..

When you receive feedback like this on a major “Action Research” educational assignment… just puts a little extra spring in your step!
#3UnitsToGo  #DegreeComeAtMe

……”Sharryn, you have a strong introduction and focus on the plans’ key research question; terms are well defined. There is a clear sense of direction and the literature review is well organised, succinct and relevant to the topic. You delineate subtopics to be reviewed and provide a well organised and knowledgeable outline of methodology including Action Research, data collection and analysis. All material in your plan is clearly related to the research question. There is evidence of strong organization and integration of material within each of the subtopics and headings. You are able to demonstrate strong transitions linking ideas, and main topic. Your understanding of ethics and ethical protocols and concerns is communicated clearly and effectively.
Your focus on the research is supported by the structure and the paper contains a “roadmap” for the reader through a logical flow to the topics/arguments underpinning the research question.
Your conclusion follows clearly and logically from the arguments presented. Action is well described, substantial and achievable in the timeframe provided. Your timeline is clear, easy to understand and complete. Your language and style is appropriate for your intended audience and writing protocols are academically sound, with referencing accurately presented
Overall your plan presents evidence of thoughtful well-developed analysis and synthesis with nuance, inference and subtlety, making your plan memorable as well as engaging reader interest and providing a plan that is both useful and theoretically sound.
A really outstanding effort Sharryn congratulations”
Dr Robert Dixon

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