Last 2 second year subjects! (insert happy dance here)

Well… say it’s been a while between postings is an understatement!
Since my last entry, I have knocked over another 6 subjects, and I’m now staring down the barrel of my final 2 second year subjects.  This means that I am over the hump of never ending units, and on the downhill slide to finishing and graduation!

To even say that word still seems so far away…. #2018ComeAtMe….but hey….I’m closer than I was yesterday, so that’s amazing!  What is also amazing is the fact that I have scored so well on my overall unit achievements thus far…..and I’m now hoping that I have not just mozzed myself with the final two….lol
Out of the 14 units I have completed, I have achieved 9 overall High Distinctions….3 overall Distinctions….and 2 overall Credits…!!  That is seriously nuts for a woman who works full time, runs a family & home and somewhere in between studies full time! #High5Me  🙂

So, this study period I am ticking off another 2 subjects: Inclusive education & Prac…and then….Helloooooooo 3rd year…!!!  EeeeeK  🙂
And….as a complete nerd, the SP starts tomorrow……but I have already completed weeks 1 & 2 for both units…..nothing like getting out of the blocks early!  🙂

Degree come at me..!!!  🙂


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