It’s been a wee while……anyone would think I’m freakin’ busy!


So, since my last entry I am VERY happy to say that **WOOHOO**…..I am into my 2nd year of my degree!
I won’t lie and say it’s been a breeze, as I’ve kicked my studies up to full time….on top of working full time, but it’s soooooooo ACE to see more units crossed off my list.  (…Sleep is soooo overrated..!!)  Having said that, I am also happy to say that I not only passed my last two units (Language & Literacy for teachers….and Childhood Development), but finished with overall Distinctions for both!
Who says you can’t teach oldies new tricks 😉

So, this semester I am completing Educational Psychology & Visual and Media Arts …..I think at the end of this semester I shall need some psychology advise myself, as they are pretty full on……but so far so good….

DORY BLOORY is still swimming  😉


3 exams, 1 micro-teaching video, and 2 learning journal portfolios (that consist of a combined 24 pieces of academic work) to go ~ yep…..I’ve sooo got this….

#CoffeeIsMyAcademicFriend   #ChardonnayIsMyCreativeFriend   #SleepIsOverRated

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