It seems Maths “IS” my friend…….go figure…..pardon the pun..!!

5436521212_1550b5ef7d_zSo here I am, halfway through week 7 of my Maths unit…..and never in a million years would I have thought I would have the results I do so far ~ #1 MCT exam 86.5%….#2 MCT exam 90.5%…..Assignment #1 Distinction….and Assignment #2 completed & submitted 4 days early  🙂  With #3 MCT exam & Assignment #3 still to complete…..
I’m still not loving this unit, as maths does not come naturally to me, however, I have learnt many things along the way.  I think the main thing for me so far, is learning not to fear maths…..not to fear problem statements.…and trusting my instincts.  I have spent many years successfully avoiding any form of maths…..even as a Bank Manager all those years ago…..and now BAM….suddenly maths has become very real….!!
Maths, now is all about finding the right strategies….analysing and understanding my mistakes….asking questions – as we all know questions are the vehicle by which we learn…..and to remember that maths is cumulative.
So heres hoping for a Pass or better with Assignment #2, and a tail wind home for my next exam & final assignment 🙂
I’m really looking forward to crossing this unit off my study plan..!!

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