As expected, maths is NOT my favourite subject…..however, I have surprised myself with a score of 86.5% in my first MCT exam 🙂  #HappyJig
My first assignment has been submitted, but my nerves are wreaking havock, as I can already see area’s that I did not cover fully….but….it’s too late to do anything about it now..!!  Fingers crossed for a “Pass”….Results due around the 11th Jan……#HateWaiting
So, here I am, week 5 of this joyful unit, which brings me to number 2 MCT exam…..urghhhh……after celebrating a beautiful Christmas with my family, and gearing up for some New Year’s Eve celebrations…..another maths exam is really the last thing I am wanting to do…!!!  Add to that, assignment number 2 that is lurking in the shadows…..which is completing & pulling apart a year 9 NAPLAN test & 2000 words…??!!  I’m struggling with Primary school maths, let alone year 9 maths…..??!!  And, for the record…..I could have sworn I was doing a “Primary” degree……so my need to investigate and breakdown year 9 maths, is surely just there to haunt me..!!!
But….as an educator, I must have an open curious mind ~ it turns out that the best educators are the best learners… I learn I must 🙂

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