What makes me a good teacher in The Arts?

                                                                                  (Judith Dinham, 2011)

* I am interested in the students in my class as individuals and as learners.
* I adopt a partners-in-learning approach to the projects. 
* I communicate my own enthusiasm and interest.
* I learn along with the students and encourage them to make decisions about their own learning.
* I plan challenging arts projects (units of inquiry) that are relevant and interesting to the students in my class.
* The arts projects are developed in ways that encourage inventive and imaginative thinking and authentic expression.
* I set high but attainable standards and expectations.
* I am interested in what the students in my class think.
* I listen to them and encourage them to express their ideas, views and opinions.
* I ask for their input into the learning and provide opportunities for them to talk about their art and the art of others.
* I am organised and professional.
* I constantly reflect on and review students learning, my teaching and the program I have created with a view to improving the   quality of what I do and what my students achieve.
* I promote ethical behaviour in terms of showing respect for individuals, their work, the classroom, cultures and the 
* I am committed to constantly improving the quality of my arts program.
* I am committed to a lifelong learning approach to my professional development.
* My classroom is a safe, happy, stimulating and functional work place where students feel valued and supported.
* I plan units of inquiry on themes that are relevant, artistically stimulating and educationally worthwhile for the students 
  in my class.
* I actively integrate technology and new media in the creation of artworks.
* I use the internet and community resources to enhance arts learning opportunities.
* I enjoy my teaching and seeing the pleasure that authentic learning in the arts brings.


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