Performing Arts For Educators….aka…..”Inner Drama Queen”

c6d6db6a56f34f1f296f4a3fd2998940Truer words were never spoken…!!
I’ve just downloaded my next unit outline…..ummmm……this involves a couple of e-tests, 50 million (that may be a slight exaggeration..) modules, a six-part portfolio, the art of story-telling audio assessment, a video of me singing, using an instrument that I have made, to a song that I have written…?!?…..YIKES…..and a video of me dancing, choreographed by, yes……..DOUBLE YIKES…!!!
 Don’t get me wrong…..I love a good sing-a-long and boogie…..but generally after a couple of wines with good friends, out on the town…..
Hmmmm… about messing with your comfort zones….
But on a positive…..I can’t seem to find anything to do with writing 20,000 (again, that may be a slight exaggeration on my behalf…) word essays on this topic….  WINNING..!!
Time to let my inner drama queen out  🙂

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