A Little Motivational Pick-Me-Up

At the completion of each unit, I always find myself a tad brain dead, after long nights of powering through the final assessments….just to get that exhilaration of hitting the “submit” button for the final time, and crossing another one off my list….!!  
And…..it is often at this time, I start to question my sanity ~ urghhhhh…..why am I doing this to myself…?!?!
Luckily for me, I can pick up on my triggers  🙂  I spend most of my day telling students “You can do it”….”learning is awesome”….”don’t fight it, embrace it”…..”challenge yourself, you’ll be suprised at what you can achieve”……so, when I’m feeling a tad Blahhhhh about study, I look for inspiration…..
Sir Ken Robinson  🙂  
#Need I say more…..

The Art of Teaching
          “Great teachers know that the way you get people to learn is by connecting it to the learners interests,
            to what motivates them, what energisers them, what excites them, what engages their imagination”….

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