More Coffee Needed….

Today is one of ‘those’ days……….where I just don’t feel any love for this unit at all..!!
“Inquiring About The World”, I thought, would be all about how to get students engaged in the inquiry process…how to provide opportunities for students to make connections between the new & the known…how to provide for student deeper learning, investigation, processing, creating, and communicating….

But, no…..this unit has required me to choose ONE environmental/science based topic…and for each of the 4 assignments, use the same topic….but just expand on it and make it bigger each time…!! I’m currently in the middle of Assignment #3 and to be honest, I’m completely over it……

I fear my HD & D will slip with these last 2 assignments, as my interest is waning with each day left in this unit, as communication with my peers and tutors seems non existent. For the month of July, I was the only person in my group to complete the weekly tasks and pose questions to the discussion board……which kind of makes me feel like I’m studying in a black hole….!!

But, luckily for me, I work in a school that embraces Inquiry based learning,and feel that I am learning more from my hands on experience with the Kath Murdoch Inquiry approach, than through any of the information provided through my uni work in this unit…

So, with only 4 more weeks of this now non-interesting unit left, I shall stock up on coffee to see me through…!!
Mental note to self – #ItsNeallyOverRedRover

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