Week 6 Reflection ~ Digital Fluency



Primary school students bring varied skills and experiences into the classroom when it comes to technology. But is just making technology available enough? What if students are not learning how to use computers and demonstrate digital fluency?  Likewise, do students need to actively participate in the class to survive in this digital world?  There is an expectation from parents, employers, government, and the wider community that students will receive an education that encompasses a wide range of technology, delivered by dedicated teachers who are fluent themselves in the digital world.

My future lessons will be rich in podcasting, presentation software, publishing, and blogging. This, in conjunction with the creative technologies such as web design or movie maker, will make for a technology rich learning outcome for my students.  These are all important skills that can be used through their education journey and further into their working lives.

“Scratch animation” is one such program that introduces students to the key concepts of command based animation programing. Through the use of simple functions and key-strokes, students can create various scenes or stories to showcase their skills in taking a project from its conceptual stage to a visual reality, thus demonstrating their digital fluency.   (214 words).

Check out my Scratch animation link here  🙂



Howell, J.  (2012).  Teaching With ICT.  Digital Pedagogies for Collaboration and
Creativity.  South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University Press.

Google images retrieved from:

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